Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Tips for Installing Your Cabinet Knobs

Installing knobs on your cabinet should be the finishing touch to install a new kitchen . A closet door is made of 5 pieces of basic , middle panel , top and bottom rails , and two side stiles . You may be asking yourself " where do I place the button and how ? " The answer is simple place the button where it looks the best . When we install a kitchen that most stocks , we continue to answer the easy and drilled a hole 3 inches from the bottom of the door and was centered in the stile . For your own cabinets might be better to drill a hole in a different place . Hold the key to the door and see where it looks best . It might work better to drill a hole in the side stile and rail junction below . Sometimes it is best to have the bottom button on the bottom rail . Hold your keys in a place that you want and make a mark where your holes will be placed . Use 3/16 " drill to make a hole . Use painters tape on the door and measure from the bottom and sides to make your mark to drill the hole . Having marked all the doors open the door and holding a piece of plywood behind the door . These will keep the drill bit of ripping wood when he went through the hole . Take the tape off and install the screw you turn the knob to knob and hold steady . Standing back and enjoy a job well done and enjoy your new kitchen .


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