Monday, July 8, 2013

5 Fun , Easy and Affordable Ways to Re - Decorate a Home

With the festival of lights just around the corner, we are all busy cleaning and decorating our homes . Everyone aspires to provide a new and different look to their home , but with a busy lifestyle and rising prices of decorative items , we tend to curb that compromise the aspirations and ideas for decorating our fancy .

Diwali is the most important and awaited festival of the year and is a time to express in home decorating dreams satisfied . Here are some of the most sought after items when it comes to home decor:
  •     Curtains : The best way to give your home a dynamic look is to use curtains with various color combinations . There are umpteen options including printing , block , mix and match flowers and bright colors choice and soothing to give your home the perfect color combination . Bright colors make our life full of color and light shades give us help and provide a relaxed environment . It is recommended to use bright colors in the living room where we were meeting friends and loved ones , sharing ideas and life countless fun filled moments with them . The bedroom should be decorated in primary or pastel colors to bring out the relaxed atmosphere . Example : 

  •     Crop : If you are a nature lover , there is no better way than refreshing mood with some new green in your home . Bring some plants suitable available space and surroundings . If the space is less or narrow the bonsais is a good substitute for a great big plant . Bonsais flowers and fruits bonsais , both available in a wide range.
  •     Antique Item : A medium-sized sculptures and metal so placed on one side of the living room can be performing - thieves . However , it does not mean that you need to get out a large number of pockets to put stuff like that in your living room . These days a lot of art - like a piece of legislation , crystal bowls , color carved wood or marble elephants can be purchased from the store decorations without putting too much burden on your pocket .

  •     Painting : Walls can be redecorated home with amazing paintings and art prints . For this , there are many art galleries available online today , and it should not take much time to choose a beautiful painting . The next step after selecting a beautiful painting will choose ambient and decorative lighting to highlight and give life to an otherwise boring wall . Example :

  •     Lighting : the right lighting in a home can be re-energized while the dull lighting can ruin the entire d├ęcor . It is very important to use new concepts such as lighting tamed to be used in conjunction with direct lighting to highlight the prominent places and decor items are placed in the house .

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