Tuesday, July 23, 2013

How to Choose a Good Toilet

It is not enough to consider only the price and design when choosing a new toilet . It is also important to pay attention to some other important features :

Making material . Modern Toilet is not only made of faience , but also of porcelain . High quality porcelain is much more durable , so they will be used for the next fifty years if the deal carefully . In addition to plastic , glass and natural stone models found in the market .

High . Here you have to go with the shortest family members . Tip ! Sit on the toilet : feet have to lean a little on the floor , and do not hover over it . If the muscles of the abdomen , waist , hips and legs are the most relaxed , then the model is suitable for you .

Construction . Toilets can be floor - standing , suspended and floor - mounted with concealed tank . Experts recommend the purchase of suspended models to fit in a small space .

Flush tank . The selection of flush tank depending on the preferred model : floor - standing or suspended . The professionals recommend attention to the fact that the toilet and flush the tank must be mounted close to each other and ready for connection .

Bowl . Toilet bowl with their construction can be shaped plates , shaped and funnel-shaped visor . Dished shape ( with the platform ) to act as ' antisplash ' . Day bowl -shaped visor is the most popular construction : having a small platform turns into a funnel and prevent splashes of water when flushing .

Types of flushing systems : direct and vice versa . Reverse rinsing safer and more qualitative , because the wash water completely around the bowl .

Type of drainage system . There are several water systems : one button or two buttons . The second key system , which allows saving water , is the most popular .

Water discharge to the sewer . There are three ways : oblique , vertical and horizontal . The latter is typical for the European model of toilet . Disposal is provided by the pipe sloping downward sloping at 30-45 degrees .

Please remember , that when choosing a toilet in an online store , you should pay attention to the detailed explanation as often as accessories sold separately . It is very comfortable and the buyer can purchase the necessary items either cover , tank or system installations . In terms of the model will be referred to simply as the ' toilet bowl ' and you will also need to purchase a separate tank and cover . All this in a set called ' compact ' .

When buying a toilet make sure that the model has all the necessary repair system . And the last tip : do not believe a random guy with the installation of your new toilet . The best way is to entrust a professional with the job .

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