Monday, July 22, 2013

Benefits of Using Subwoofer

The most main speakers are usually passive . But most of the power amplifier including subwoofer , creating the raw power needed to deliver deep bass , without taking any excessive power amplifier of the receiver . Subwoofers typically handle frequencies below 150 Hz or more .

Most subwoofers are designed to provide accurate musical bass from a small enclosure . Small enough to be placed behind furniture or tuck into a corner and did not clear out of sight . But the big bass output will be able to provide all the visceral gut rumble for action movies as well as tight , accurate bass precision for music .

The trend toward small , easily concealed keynote speaker has led to increased use of the subwoofer . Compact main speakers , and the speakers on the wall or on the ceiling , often bass - shame . Large , expensive floor - standing speakers often have a lot of bass , but they may not be acceptable cosmetic . Also , the placement of a speaker that produces the best stereo imaging is almost never the best placement area to reproduce deep bass .

So do not make the front of the stage speakers do all the work . Instead , add a subwoofer to the system . This will free up the stage for a more dynamic and spacious with letting the subwoofer takes over low-frequency effects , deep bass sensation and movie soundtracks . Design of intelligent amplifier in low frequency subwoofers essentially filter clean and smooth , for better mixing with the full audio spectrum is reproduced keynote speaker . Easily accessible , professional connection class will provide several options for hookup , so that one can be tweaked according to the performance needs of the system . Adding a subwoofer , or two . would make watching TV a wild ride , and listen to music to be an experience of life - real onstage .

It is also important to note that the subwoofer bass is nondirectional . For it is still suggested some care and planning when considering where to place the subwoofer when installing your home theater system .

By finding the best location to place the subwoofer , it can make a dramatic difference in the sound . Corner placement is the de facto strategy for most people , probably because the subwoofer will be out of the way and almost always produces the most bass , but corner placement may not yield the most accurate bass , or a smooth transition to the speakers . Subwoofer and the main speakers should work together as a team , and ideally one should not hear the subwoofer as a separate sound source . All bass must appear to come from the main speakers .

With small speakers , it's best to keep the subwoofer in 1m or 1.5m from the left or right front speaker . Once the subwoofer is much further away , it would be difficult to maintain the illusion of bass coming from the speakers . For really small speaker or sound bar skinny , keeping as close as possible to the subwoofer speaker ( s ) .

For larger speakers ( with a subwoofer 10cm or larger ) , some experimentation may be useful placement . By playing music with lots of deep bass and keep repeating the sound as you move the subwoofer to any location in the room listening to visually acceptable providing the listener to gauge how different bass sounds at different locations . Some locations may provide a muddy effect while other locations may give the effect that the loud noise , but some of the other locations will reduce the bass volume . The goal is to get the best balance of bass from the subwoofer and still have the middle and upper bass from the speakers in the same proportion ( adjust the subwoofer volume control in each new position ) . In some of the rooms , smooth bass response will not be too difficult to achieve , but be prepared that there may be a " problem " room where the bass always sounds boomy or muddy .


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