Saturday, July 20, 2013

How to Select Microwaves

Microwave oven away from being a luxury for the modern kitchen needs . Every kitchen has at least one , and many more depending on how much cooking going on at home . Modern microwave looks great , has a number of features that makes them much easier to use than ever , and compete on customer service and warranty . With all the choices out there , it can be a lot to shop for your own microwave . If you are looking for a new one for your home , here are some of the microwave oven on the market today .

Cuisinart Microwave Oven CMW - 100 - This attractive model look great on your counter top with stainless steel interior and exterior . It comes with a number of options that are programmed to help you when you are trying to decide how long you need to cook your food , and the control panel are easy enough for anyone to use . Cuisinart is also known for its stellar customer service , and you know they will be there to help you if something goes wrong . The one drawback to this model is that the stainless steel interior may be a little more difficult to clean .

Panasonic Family size 1.2 cu . ft. Counter - Top Microwave with Inverter Technology - With its unique food sensor , this microwave oven heats food evenly . Like most microwave ovens , there are buttons for one-touch cooking just one minute . Both interior and exterior is stainless steel on this model , and has a very nice high end look . There are some less than perfect features : hard to press the button to open the small door , exhaust air blows directly into the kitchen , and when it is being used you can not see the good inside . If problems arise , it is good to know that Panasonic is a good solid company that will not succeed .

Emerson Professional Series 1.2 cubic feet Stainless steel front , 1100 watt touch control Microwave Oven - microwaves that will look good in your kitchen , this one has some unique features . It comes with a grill rack on grill skills , and be able to store personal function in memory so you do not need to include them in every time . It also has a very convenient kitchen timer that you can use even if you do not cook with a microwave . There are some drawbacks to this model . It can be very hard when you're cooking and make a rattling sound when heating food . Turntable is not safe either in the microwave , and have been known to come off during cooking . Perhaps because of the ability of the grill , but the microwave does not get hot to the touch when cooking . Other microwaves in this article all stay cool .

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