Friday, July 19, 2013

Top Tips to Choose Electric Fireplace

Electric fireplaces have become the preferred choice in recent times. To replace traditional brick and mortar fireplace and provides a sleek and smart appearance to the living room . The market is now flooded with various models and patterns to choose from . Consider replacing old fashioned wood or gas fireplaces for the convenience and portability of a fireplace .

Points to Ponder
Listed below are some basic work to be done before deciding on an electric fireplace :
a) Determine exactly what you are looking to install an electric fireplace . Is it for aesthetics or utility ? Slim and attractive models that are available today to meet both these requirements .
b ) Check the power supply to call an electrician . Make sure that the electrical cables and fittings were large enough to bear the additional burden . Make replacements if necessary upon the recommendation of an electrician .
c ) Select the appropriate fireplace with a combination of colors , furniture and fixtures and style of the room . Fireplaces are available in metal , wood and rustic look to match different backgrounds .

fireplace models
It's easy to get confused with the many types of designs and patterns available for electric fireplace . In general , there are four different types of models to choose from :
• Wall Mount Fireplace : It is ideal for smaller homes where space is an issue . Wall mounted fireplace is ideal for hotel rooms and offices . They add great value to the atmosphere with smart looks and beautiful finish . Currently , they are available in a sleek design that looks stunning wraparound window .
• Corner Fireplace : Fireplaces Corner brings traditional appearance with the added advantage of saving space . They are quick to install and easy to operate . They look elegant and smart !
• free standing Stoves : They resemble the good old cast iron stove used to burn wood logs to generate heat .
• Electric Fireplace Insert : An insert fireplace convert a traditional fireplace into a modern fireplace without changing atmosphere . Get rid of hassles manage and dispose of wood ash .

Why Electric Fireplace ?
Fireplaces have become the preferred choice for two main reasons . First , they are convenient to operate and secondly , they are sleek and portable . Beautiful designs and patterns make the fireplace into the focal point of any room and definitely adds to the atmosphere . They do not require any ventilation and able to make the room comfortable and cozy fireplace without the hassle of traditional ( eg, ventilation , collecting wood , installing gas lines ) . They are ideal for domestic use , offices , hotels and commercial establishments . Best of all , electric fireplace technology has evolved to the point where the flame pattern closely mimics that of a wood fireplace , make the fireplace look very real . Put an electric fireplace and enjoy the warmth and coziness .

An add -on for Electric Fireplace
• Expansion Unit for TV / Media : This unit is available as an extension for TV / Media so you save space and enjoy the warmth of the fireplace .
• Fireplaces imitation : Imitation electric fireplace gives the look and feel of a traditional wood-burning fireplace without the heat and flames . Turn on the flame and add romance to the evening.
Electric impulse to the appearance of your living room . Ignite them and draw your guests !


  1. We're planning on redoing our living room in the spring. I like the idea of upgrading our fireplace to an electrical fireplace. I wonder if you can get a coanda effect with fire? I've seen it done with water.

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  3. Electric fireplaces have become the preferred choice in recent times. To replace traditional brick and mortar fireplace and provides a sleek and ...