Thursday, July 18, 2013

Refrigerator Organizing Tips

It is not unusual to see a refrigerator where food mess . If you want a more organized food storage , you have to invest in equipment that has many compartments and shelves for easy storage . Middle shelf , dry compartment , bottom freezer just some of the features available in the fridge today. If you have a lot of space in your fridge that you can put food , where you can store food temperature requirements for longer shelf life can be met and contamination with other foods that can release chemicals such as some fruits and vegetables can be avoided . Droplets of frozen food can also be prevented if stored in a remote compartment .

For different types of food , there are many ways how to arrange them neatly , efficiently and safely in your refrigerator . One tip before adjusting the content is to put everything out of the fridge first . Throw away all those who have expired and throw fruit or vegetables that have spoiled . This will make way for more space .

Drawer Refrigerator

The best way is to buy a refrigerator drawer that contains the full number needed for more efficient storage . Checking various refrigerator brands and choose the one that has drawers for the highest humidity , low humidity drawer or sometimes characterized as crispers and shallow drawers . This drawer will serve different functions and are very suitable for the food you need to adjust . 
  • Vegetables should be stored in a drawer with the highest humidity . They can be put in a plastic bag but the bag must have holes in them or were tied very loosely . This is because the longer vegetables , with high humidity and air circulation needed to keep it fresh .
  •        Fruits on the other hand should be placed on the shelf . Compared to vegetables , they need low humidity . Just like the vegetables , keep them in a plastic bag tied loosely to maintain freshness .
  •     In shallow drawers , deli meats should be stored in it . Shallow drawers have a slightly lower temperature than any other part of the fridge .

Refrigerator Shelf
There are several types of refrigerator shelves depending on their position . Most types of refrigerator models have this feature .
  • Dairy products should be in the middle or top shelf where the temperature is more stable .
  • Middle shelf where the temperature is most constant of time where the eggs should be laid . There may be an egg container in the refrigerator because it is the hottest part . Do not take eggs from the original one instead.
  •  Raw meat should be stored on the bottom shelf for three reasons . One , the bottom shelf is the coldest part of the refrigerator , giving more shelf life of raw meat . Two , this will prevent the dripping of frozen meat . And lastly , this will prevent it from contaminating other food raw meat in the fridge .

Refrigerator Door

Doors often have egg cups in it but it is advisable to not use those as mentioned earlier .
  • This is where herbs and juices are ideal for storage .

Organizing your refrigerator not only serves as neatness or aesthetic purposes . A refrigerator organized and not too full will extend the shelf life of foods such as cold air to circulate and avoid any spoilage . Choose a refrigerator that allows you to adjust the temperature with ease . The ideal temperature is 40 degrees Fahrenheit . Any lower or higher will be the risk of bacterial growth better or make your food frozen .

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