Friday, July 12, 2013

5 Tips for Decorating Green

With the festival season kicked in and the more of us embrace natural and green living , let us all take a pledge to make a smart purchase to support the environment . Boost the festive celebrations and adopt
 natural path to life by reducing waste , reusing and recycling . festival season requires you to touch every heart with adding shades of green to your home decor !
1 . Green start decorating trends : With guests coming in and out of your home , motivating them to your personal style and a touch of green decorations . use recycled items as a display , giving your home the look and feel a bit rough . For all you know , they could move enough to embrace green living itself .

2 . Gifting Green : The festive season comes with a tradition to exchange gifts and warm wishes ! This year , be the change you wish to see in the world . move of conventional gifting patterns and create your own small organic hamper gifts for your loved ones . You can fill the basket with organic natural skin care products , yoga products , organic clothing and natural aromatherapy oils for

help them reap the benefits of living a natural and pure about it profitable

opportunity joy .

3 . Avoid products made : this is the time of year that comes with artificial products to buy . Celebrate and enjoy your festival without these artificial products such as make -made products , artificial lighting , etc. Choosing to make organic products and in the case of artificial lighting , resort to organic lighting like Eco Diwali diyas and candles to set the aura is clean , green festival !

4 . Buy a tree : At profitable festival like this, you can plant small saplings tree and gifts . This conventional but thoughtful gift will score you extra brownie points and give encouragement to people to take their green decorations home as well . Also, it will help keep your home in pristine atmosphere
and stained . This of course will lead and inspire family and friends to GO GREEN own !

5 . Repurpose and Reuse : Decorating your home is a must when you have hordes of relatives and friends stopped by to exchange gifts and wishes . Here is your chance to impress them ! Repurpose and reuse rubbish article create a colorful ribbon and wall hangings . Involved in creating handmade decorations can turn into a fun activity to engage your family and friends . 

Going green is one wise decision to make to get in tune with nature lifestyle and embrace a better and healthier . And what better time than festival ? Take the extra effort and make a difference as wise Benjamin Franklin quoted , " When the well is dry, we know the worth of water . " Let join and become a responsible citizen of this festive season . You can make Difference and motivate others to do the same . Having a Green and Happy The festive season !

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  1. These are some nice green living tips. Will have to work on these come springtime!