Sunday, July 14, 2013

8 Helpful Hints for TV Aerial Installation at Your Roof

A TV aerial fitted to receive television signals that broadcasters transmitting tower . Proper installation of this equipment involves getting the antenna mounted in high locations such as rooftops . This will ensure that trees , buildings and other things imposed between the antenna and the tower will not block the signal . You do not need to be an electrician to install the antenna , but you will need some equipment hardware store to do this . Here are some pointers in installing a TV antenna .

1 . Visit the Website for Broadcast Tower Location

When you go to this site , you will be prompted to enter your zip code so that you can find your local broadcast towers . Take note of all directions using a piece of paper .

2 . Get Yourself to the Roof

Make sure you bring your compass and hold it in front of you . Get yourself oriented with the direction of the record . Once again , take note of an object or landmark in the direction where the broadcast tower is located .

3 . Mount Antenna on the Roof

When you start doing this , make sure that your antenna will not be obstructed by surrounding objects . Wood screws should be screwed through the bracket holes and into your roof . You can use an electric screwdriver that has the edge Philips -head screws go in making love

4 . Seal Roof

Screws must be applied with silicone sealant that will be free from the elements . Before you continue , please allow to set for at least an hour .

5 . Loosen the screws

This screw refer to those located in the bracket collar . You can use a screwdriver to release them . You have to understand that the type of screwdriver you'll need to use will depend on the make this bracket .

6 . Put the Pole on TV Aerial Down

You have to do it through the collar this bracket . Pole should run down to be able to hit the bottom bracket . Rotate the rod extrusion around the air as this will enable them to face the direction of the broadcast towers ' . Make sure you tighten the screw collar .

7 . Screw Cable End Coaxiable to Bottom Aerial Coax Output

After this , you have to get a cable running along the roof and side of the building until you reach the opening in the floor where your TV is placed . Cables should be attached to the roof using roofing staples .

8 . Window Drill Holes

The hole will allow you to pull your cables through . You have to run down the wall and baseboard along the wall until you reach the TV . The free end of the cable must be plugged into the television is persuading " Ant " input connections . Finally , the cable must be attached to the pedestal using the U - clamp staples . Once again , you will need to put silicone sealant into the hole so that the two sides will be sealed from each element .


  1. The opening will permit you to force your links through Audio Visual installer. You need to once-over the divider and baseboard along the divider until you achieve the TV . The free end of the link must be connected to the TV is convincing information associations and the link must be connected to the platform utilizing the U - cinch staples .