Thursday, August 1, 2013

How to Design a Perfect Kitchen Layout

As with the summer months fast approaching , many people are heading out on the grill . Many grilling enthusiasts decided to take things one step further and create their own kitchen outdoors . Has an outdoor kitchen makes grilling out more comfortable and can add a lot of value to your home if you make a thoughtful layout that follows the rules FFCC - Function , Flow , Convenience , and Comfort .

The first thing you should do when planning the layout of your outdoor kitchen is to find the perfect location . Because the outdoor kitchen is often used for public meetings are great, it is best to choose a location that is private , has a lot of color , and far enough from the house to prevent the spread of smoke , fire or strong odors into your home . Placement should take other nearby features into consideration . For example , if you have a swimming pool or outdoor dining area outside the kitchen you might want you to be a certain distance from these features , depending on how you plan to use them together .

This can help to plan your outdoor kitchen if you split the area into zones . There should be a Zone Entertainment , Serving Zone , Zone Prep and Cooking Zone . Each zone should be in order of proximity to each other and that makes sense for the space . FFCC keep in mind will help you figure out where to put each zone . You want the area drains well , function efficiently , be convenient for the cook and the guests and a comfortable place for everyone to hang out .

It is also important to consider how you will use the kitchen . If all you need is a simple kitchen for the occasional summer grilling , then you will want to choose a design that makes sense for the intended function . The kitchen is more complicated to include special cooking utensils or equipment depending on your needs and intended use of the space . Place all the elements of your outdoor kitchen in a layout that makes sense for people who will cook in it most often . Everything should be easy to obtain in the order that they will be used . Avoid placing elements of the kitchen in a haphazard layout that will require cooking to zigzag back and forth to complete basic tasks .

Every kitchen outside exposed to the weather . Choose your location , appliances , kitchen cabinets and other features based on the weather outside your kitchen will need to survive . If you live in a hot and sunny climates , choose a sheltered location or install a canopy or roof over the area . Any furniture in climate facing the harsh winter with lots of snow will need some kind of protection from freezing temperatures and water damage . Be sure to properly protect your kitchen during all seasons . Having a storage shed or garage can provide a safe place to put the equipment during the season when they are not used . If you live in a mild climate , you can probably get away with putting a waterproof tarp or cover over the outside of your kitchen .


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