Saturday, August 3, 2013

Tips on Removing Garlic Dip on the Carpet

Garlic sauce is great for a variety of foods . It gives the food that we eat more flavor and it makes it even more delicious . Some of the food was really good along with the garlic sauce is French fries , potato chips , chicken , and many others .

This kind of dip is always a big favorite among food lovers and I am definitely one of them . As someone who uses a lot of garlic sauce at my house , I have been in many situations where the dip get accidentally spilled on the carpet that will result in quite a mess . I know I'm not alone in experiencing this kind of situation which is why I share with you a practical guide me to get rid of garlic sauce spills on your carpet easily . If ever you are a victim garlic dip spilled on the carpet , follow the suggestions below now .

• Quickly get a blunt knife and scrape the garlic sauce spilled on your carpet . Make sure that you do it in such a way that you will avoid a dip spread to other areas . Do this with caution until you have removed as much garlic dip that you can .

• Next, use 1/4 cup of water to dilute the stain that may be left on the carpet . Water helps dilute the stain that will not be determined immediately . It also will make lighter stain that will be removed much more easily in the next steps .

• After adding 1/4 cup of water , get some paper towels and blot out the stain on garlic dip stains on the carpet . This will help remove some of the stain but it will not be possible to remove all of it . Do this for a few minutes and then move on.

• Create a cleaning solution using household items such as ammonia clear . You can combine one part clear ammonia with four parts warm water to make the cleaning agent . Once you are done creating , applying some of it to let the stain and then stood there for a few minutes .

• Blot the stain repeatedly using a clean white cloth so that you will be able to slowly remove it . Garlic sometimes stubborn stains may mean that you will spend a little more time in trying to get rid of clutter . Do not worry though as eventually your carpet will be like new again .

• Once you remove the stain , rinse the area where the spilled garlic dip with a cup of water and then dry everything using wet / dry vaccines . This is to avoid staying behind residue on carpet fibers .