Friday, August 2, 2013

Choosing Bamboo Cabinet

Bamboo kitchen cabinets will attract those homeowners who may be thinking about having a more eco-friendly home . Bamboo is an eye-catching replacement for conventional forest , and has been used in the manufacture of kitchen cabinets and other home furniture for several years . It includes a floor that has been there since the last few decades and now the materials used in other areas of the house , such as kitchen cabinets .

What is Bamboo ?

For those of you who do not know , bamboo is not actually wood , it is actually a type of grass and if harvested correctly will grow back in about three years , compared with oak that will take at least three decades later you can immediately see the difference on the environment . Bamboo kitchen cabinets is actually stronger and more durable than many hardwoods and has proven that in fact up to 25 % harder than oak .

Bamboo has the same color as the pine forests and bright with a slight yellow color which is usually known as the " blonde " . However , it can be tarnished means that you can have almost any color you might think .

Things You Need to Know About Bamboo

As with most things , there will always be some negatives to having bamboo kitchen cabinets although it is quite small and can be easily overcome . Because it is a grass and not a wood , it is much more fibrous than wood and can therefore create more pieces than you would expect to find the wood , however , this can be overcome by ensuring that the surface is sanded properly .

In addition to providing an explanation to the question why only use bamboo has increased over the years is that it is much more stable than wood . It gets its strength from the fact that every strand completely straight , giving great strength compared to wood that does not have such a straight grain .

When you opt for bamboo kitchen cabinets , you can give your kitchen look outside and make the kitchen seem exotic at the same time . Bamboo stronger and far more environmentally friendly than wood and can give your kitchen a fresh new look without sacrificing necessary durability and style .

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