Sunday, August 4, 2013

How to Remove Dog Hair on Stairs Carpet

Having a furry and adorable dog in your home can certainly make everyone happy and excited . Animals only have this kind of effect on people , especially dog lovers . Playing with your pet dog in the house can make for a very fun and enjoyable but it can also lead to some cleaning issues for many homeowners .

One of the problems with having a hairy dog in your home is that the carpet on the stairs you will likely be full before a long hair dog . It can make the area look messy and ugly that can be really unpleasant if you have guests over .

Trying to eliminate the dog hair on the carpet on the stairs you can be challenging but there are some steps you can try to help make it easier and more manageable . Follow the guide below so that you can effectively remove hair on your carpet stairs in no time .

• The first thing you should do is to get some of the materials that you will use to get rid of dog hair on the carpet . You will need some rubber gloves and a small bucket of water for this task . Once you have this ready , proceed to the first step .

• Wear rubber gloves on your hands and then wet them in a bucket of water . Then , use your hands to roll the hair into a bump . It is recommended that you start from the top of the ladder moving down so you will be sure to get all the dog hair on the carpet your stairs .

• After you roll all the dog hair into a bump in one step of the ladder , pick it up and then rinse your hands in a bucket of water . Be sure to rinse your hands thoroughly so that you can remove all the hair that was found there . Also , dry your hands with a dry cloth before proceeding .

• Make your way from the top step of the ladder moving down to do this until all the dog hair is removed . This may take some time but soon your carpet will be free of the signs of dog hair .
• Get your vacuum cleaner and vacuum the stairs to make sure there is no residue left behind .

Eliminate the dog hair on the carpet on your stairs is a very simple task if you follow the guidelines above . Try it out and see how easy it really can be to get your carpet clean and free from pet hair your favorite .

Trash Removal Service Tips

Whether you are moving , remodeling , or just do some long overdue cleaning in and around the home , you may need help to get rid of all the unwanted things .

Sooner or later you will find yourself contrary to what should be done with some unneeded items lying around . They may be too big , or too heavy , garbage trucks to pick up : just like with old furniture , old appliances , construction or garden waste . Put them on your curb , and they may be ignored by the garbage collector .

Some items are specifically prohibited from disposal in the regular trash : certain items are prohibited by law to just throw varies from place to place , but in general , the chemicals - including paint - are on that list .

Waste is not only an eyesore , but it can even lead to health treats . For example , old tires can collect rain , making them a breeding ground for mosquitoes . Oil from old car parts can be toxic to your pet !

Get rid of the trash can indeed seem like a daunting task . Fortunately , there are professional services that specialize in the removal of waste . Let them deal with all the mess !

Trash removal service will have the right vehicle and manpower at their disposal to rid you of the things you do not want safely and efficiently . They will come to you and haul away all trash and recycling company will not take the garbage truck .

Before calling junk removal services , be clear about what exactly is in your trash , and how much junk you have. Make sure that all items are empty and clean .

Good money saving tip is to first contact the recycling service for free ( if available in your area ) for recyclable items , and then use a trash removal service for the rest of the items .

Many sites also provide cleaning services after the garbage is removed . A professional company will have a junk removal trucks and their drivers are insured .

They will give you a quote based on how much space you will pick up trash in their truck .

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Tips on Removing Garlic Dip on the Carpet

Garlic sauce is great for a variety of foods . It gives the food that we eat more flavor and it makes it even more delicious . Some of the food was really good along with the garlic sauce is French fries , potato chips , chicken , and many others .

This kind of dip is always a big favorite among food lovers and I am definitely one of them . As someone who uses a lot of garlic sauce at my house , I have been in many situations where the dip get accidentally spilled on the carpet that will result in quite a mess . I know I'm not alone in experiencing this kind of situation which is why I share with you a practical guide me to get rid of garlic sauce spills on your carpet easily . If ever you are a victim garlic dip spilled on the carpet , follow the suggestions below now .

• Quickly get a blunt knife and scrape the garlic sauce spilled on your carpet . Make sure that you do it in such a way that you will avoid a dip spread to other areas . Do this with caution until you have removed as much garlic dip that you can .

• Next, use 1/4 cup of water to dilute the stain that may be left on the carpet . Water helps dilute the stain that will not be determined immediately . It also will make lighter stain that will be removed much more easily in the next steps .

• After adding 1/4 cup of water , get some paper towels and blot out the stain on garlic dip stains on the carpet . This will help remove some of the stain but it will not be possible to remove all of it . Do this for a few minutes and then move on.

• Create a cleaning solution using household items such as ammonia clear . You can combine one part clear ammonia with four parts warm water to make the cleaning agent . Once you are done creating , applying some of it to let the stain and then stood there for a few minutes .

• Blot the stain repeatedly using a clean white cloth so that you will be able to slowly remove it . Garlic sometimes stubborn stains may mean that you will spend a little more time in trying to get rid of clutter . Do not worry though as eventually your carpet will be like new again .

• Once you remove the stain , rinse the area where the spilled garlic dip with a cup of water and then dry everything using wet / dry vaccines . This is to avoid staying behind residue on carpet fibers .

Fireplace Cleaning Instructions

It does not get any better than sitting by a warm fireplace during the coldest days of the year . If you have a wood-burning fireplace , there are several important steps you need to take to get your fireplace safe and ready before you start burning wood . Here are our tips to get your fireplace and radiant in a state with the help of the Chimney Safety Institute of America ( CSIA ) and .

Safety First !

According to the CSIA , your wood -burning fireplace should be inspected annually by a certified professional . These professionals will sweep the chimney and check for any structural problems and eliminate the buildup of creosote to help prevent chimney fires and other safety issues . This step is a must and should not be skipped .

Even if you do not use your fireplace very often , objects such as birds' nests can block the inside of a chimney fire that leads to the chimney when the fireplace is lit .

Now that we have dealt with security , let's see how you can get your fireplace looks clean and welcoming . Let's face it : dirty fireplace , but little ash and wood debris left part of the charm . It's when the soot and stains covering the fireplace glass doors and it's time to give your fireplace a good cleaning.

Ash Removal

Leaving a one inch layer of ash is actually a good thing , but rather act as an insulator and makes it easier to build a fire next . When the ash is too thick , but you will want to wipe the inside of the furnace . Always wait at least 24 hours after your last fire has burned before removing ashes , to give time to cool completely . Once completely cooled , sprinkle the ashes with wet coffee grinds to help control dust during removal . You also can spray ash with water . Scoop ashes in a metal container and place it 100 % . Take the container outside , away from the house and garage .

Soot Shoo !

To remove the black , cloudy film coating your glass door - aka soot - grabbed most household cleaners you versatile - white vinegar . Mix a solution of equal parts vinegar and warm water , dampen the cloth with a solution of water / vinegar and a damp cloth dipped in a little ash ( that's right , the ash acts as a mild abrasive ) . Gently rub the glass clean . Finish by wiping the glass with a clean cloth and a little more than a solution of water / vinegar .

fireplace fa├žade

Over time , the material around the front of your fireplace can become stained and dingy . To tidy brick , spray the area with water , followed by a mixture of all -purpose cleaner and water . Rub the area with a brush , rinse with a clean cloth or sponge . For brick older than 50 years , avoid rubbing the cleaners as they may damage the brick . To marble or other stone , spray the soiled area with water and wipe with a soft cloth dipped in a gentle dish soap . Rinse and dry .

Friday, August 2, 2013

Choosing Bamboo Cabinet

Bamboo kitchen cabinets will attract those homeowners who may be thinking about having a more eco-friendly home . Bamboo is an eye-catching replacement for conventional forest , and has been used in the manufacture of kitchen cabinets and other home furniture for several years . It includes a floor that has been there since the last few decades and now the materials used in other areas of the house , such as kitchen cabinets .

What is Bamboo ?

For those of you who do not know , bamboo is not actually wood , it is actually a type of grass and if harvested correctly will grow back in about three years , compared with oak that will take at least three decades later you can immediately see the difference on the environment . Bamboo kitchen cabinets is actually stronger and more durable than many hardwoods and has proven that in fact up to 25 % harder than oak .

Bamboo has the same color as the pine forests and bright with a slight yellow color which is usually known as the " blonde " . However , it can be tarnished means that you can have almost any color you might think .

Things You Need to Know About Bamboo

As with most things , there will always be some negatives to having bamboo kitchen cabinets although it is quite small and can be easily overcome . Because it is a grass and not a wood , it is much more fibrous than wood and can therefore create more pieces than you would expect to find the wood , however , this can be overcome by ensuring that the surface is sanded properly .

In addition to providing an explanation to the question why only use bamboo has increased over the years is that it is much more stable than wood . It gets its strength from the fact that every strand completely straight , giving great strength compared to wood that does not have such a straight grain .

When you opt for bamboo kitchen cabinets , you can give your kitchen look outside and make the kitchen seem exotic at the same time . Bamboo stronger and far more environmentally friendly than wood and can give your kitchen a fresh new look without sacrificing necessary durability and style .

Thursday, August 1, 2013

How to Design a Perfect Kitchen Layout

As with the summer months fast approaching , many people are heading out on the grill . Many grilling enthusiasts decided to take things one step further and create their own kitchen outdoors . Has an outdoor kitchen makes grilling out more comfortable and can add a lot of value to your home if you make a thoughtful layout that follows the rules FFCC - Function , Flow , Convenience , and Comfort .

The first thing you should do when planning the layout of your outdoor kitchen is to find the perfect location . Because the outdoor kitchen is often used for public meetings are great, it is best to choose a location that is private , has a lot of color , and far enough from the house to prevent the spread of smoke , fire or strong odors into your home . Placement should take other nearby features into consideration . For example , if you have a swimming pool or outdoor dining area outside the kitchen you might want you to be a certain distance from these features , depending on how you plan to use them together .

This can help to plan your outdoor kitchen if you split the area into zones . There should be a Zone Entertainment , Serving Zone , Zone Prep and Cooking Zone . Each zone should be in order of proximity to each other and that makes sense for the space . FFCC keep in mind will help you figure out where to put each zone . You want the area drains well , function efficiently , be convenient for the cook and the guests and a comfortable place for everyone to hang out .

It is also important to consider how you will use the kitchen . If all you need is a simple kitchen for the occasional summer grilling , then you will want to choose a design that makes sense for the intended function . The kitchen is more complicated to include special cooking utensils or equipment depending on your needs and intended use of the space . Place all the elements of your outdoor kitchen in a layout that makes sense for people who will cook in it most often . Everything should be easy to obtain in the order that they will be used . Avoid placing elements of the kitchen in a haphazard layout that will require cooking to zigzag back and forth to complete basic tasks .

Every kitchen outside exposed to the weather . Choose your location , appliances , kitchen cabinets and other features based on the weather outside your kitchen will need to survive . If you live in a hot and sunny climates , choose a sheltered location or install a canopy or roof over the area . Any furniture in climate facing the harsh winter with lots of snow will need some kind of protection from freezing temperatures and water damage . Be sure to properly protect your kitchen during all seasons . Having a storage shed or garage can provide a safe place to put the equipment during the season when they are not used . If you live in a mild climate , you can probably get away with putting a waterproof tarp or cover over the outside of your kitchen .

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Tips for Installing Your Cabinet Knobs

Installing knobs on your cabinet should be the finishing touch to install a new kitchen . A closet door is made of 5 pieces of basic , middle panel , top and bottom rails , and two side stiles . You may be asking yourself " where do I place the button and how ? " The answer is simple place the button where it looks the best . When we install a kitchen that most stocks , we continue to answer the easy and drilled a hole 3 inches from the bottom of the door and was centered in the stile . For your own cabinets might be better to drill a hole in a different place . Hold the key to the door and see where it looks best . It might work better to drill a hole in the side stile and rail junction below . Sometimes it is best to have the bottom button on the bottom rail . Hold your keys in a place that you want and make a mark where your holes will be placed . Use 3/16 " drill to make a hole . Use painters tape on the door and measure from the bottom and sides to make your mark to drill the hole . Having marked all the doors open the door and holding a piece of plywood behind the door . These will keep the drill bit of ripping wood when he went through the hole . Take the tape off and install the screw you turn the knob to knob and hold steady . Standing back and enjoy a job well done and enjoy your new kitchen .